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If you recommend a friend to us, you'll get two sessions FREE at Custom Conditioning Fitness Studios.


We offer one-on-one weight loss training or strength training as well as boot camps and healthy shakes at our juice bar.

If you excel in group environments, try our boot camps. Groups are kept small in order to provide personalized attention.


Work different muscles through cardio at timed stations. Have fun working out in our high-intensity, fast-pace boot camps!

Get personal training in a group setting

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Recommend a friend, get two sessions FREE

 •  Trainers with 17 years of experience

 •  More personalized workouts

 •  Healthy eating and wellness tips

 •  Certified personal trainers

 •  Licensed and insured

 •  Lose 2 lbs. a week on average guaranteed

 •  Fun workouts

High-quality training in a comfortable environment

Boot camps are a great option to keep weight off and have fun. Feel free to sign up with friends! Couple boot camps with weight loss personal training for great results. Boot camps involve a combination of calisthenics, plyometric drills, and weight training exercises. Get in shape the right way and build muscles with our sports training and muscle training programs. Enhance your fitness with our cardiovascular training program. We also train boxers with different types of lifts and bag routines.

Keep moving to keep weight off

Group training